What a Weekend!

Ohhhh what a weekend it has been! On Friday me and the girls were scheduled to go on a cruise to Finland. However, Nikki and I missed our bus by five minutes.  So we were lucky enough to catch another bus to Stockholm which is where the cruise was porting out from.  Well we got to the port and it was the wrong one!!! We caught a train to the port but by the time we got there the port had closed just a few minutes before hand so we missed the boat!  Even though it seemed like the weekend was doomed it wasn’t.  Nikki and I went to the Kota Kanal.  Which is a Kanal that was made by hand that links two major lakes together.  It was so pretty there.  We actually got to walk around in short sleeved shirts!!! It was so nice to go and relax at the lake it felt a lot like home.

After we went exploring the canal we went to BBQ with other education majors.  We ate and then played a game of Kubb.  Kubb is a Swedish lawn game where the objective is to knock over wooden block by throwing wooden batons at the blocks it is very similar to the game horseshoe.

Today we met the two Swedish students who will be studying in Bowling Green in the Fall.  So overall, it has been a very good weekend even though it was off to a bad start.

Time flys when your having fun!

This is my last week in Sweden and it doesn’t even seem like it should already be over! My corridor mates had a going away dinner for me this weekend that was AMAZING! We had a wonderful chicken stew that they served over rice, we had various types of fish and Swedish meatballs.  It was all very good and I thought it was very sweet that they took the time to have a dinner for me.

After my going away dinner my friends and I held an American fika.  We made dirt cake, sunshine paradise and strawberry shortcake all of the American classics! All of the Swedish students really seemed to enjoy all of our dishes.  It was a lot of fun to share some dishes from back home with them. 

As I said I cannot believe it is almost time for us to leave.  We have had such an amazing experience here and have met some wonderful people along the way.  Overall, I am so glad I decided to come on this wonderful journey and I look forward to making the most of my last week :)

Everything is fine :)

So far Sweden has been wonderful!!! I am so glad I have had the opportunity to come here and teach.  On Sunday Katie and I had the chance to go to church here.  Granted all of the service was in Swedish, but it was still very interesting to partake in.  The church we went to was a huge cathedral that took 300 years to build and all of the stone was carved by hand.  It was  breath taking!!! The lady that took us to church gave us a tour of the cathedral and all of the history behind it.  It was so cool to hear all of the history since the cathedral is so old.  After church the lady we went with invited us back to her place for lunch.  It was so cool to go to a Swedish home and see how they live.  She had a lot of old paintings hanging up and really nice antique furniture.  She prepared a wonderful lunch for us and was very welcoming.  It was nice to have a home cooked meal :) They used to live on the country side because her husband has been a farmer his whole life.  Her husband said the farm he worked had been in his family for 10 generations.  I thought that was very interesting that the family farmed for that long because I love agriculture so we had a lot to talk about.  His sister was also at the lunch and she works at the Nobel Prize office and actually invites people to the Nobel Prize Awards.  It was very interesting to talk to her since the Nobel Prize is such a big deal here.

My first two days in the schools!

I love the way the Swedish school system works.  First of all the children do not wear shoes to class they only wear socks so they are comfortable.  Teachers can wear jeans everyday :) and they take scheduled coffee breaks!!! I must say the schools are very relaxed here.  The students get several breaks throughout the day and they get an hour lunch instead of twenty minutes like it is in the states.  One of my favorite things is that we get out at a different time everyday.  Today I was explaining to the students what march madness is and I got so excited because one of them asked me if Anthony Davis played for Kentucky.  I was shocked that he knew that but so excited at the same time.

Easter Dinner :)

Well today is my third day in Sweden and I had the pleasure to experience a Swedish Easter dinner.  They said it was a traditional Swedish Easter dinner including whole boiled potatoes, beet salad, bread, several kinds of fish and various other dishes.   The one thing that stuck out the most was that they colored their eggs using the peels of red onions!!! I had never seen this method of coloring eggs, but they put the onion peels in what looked like tights and then they put the eggs in there and tied the tights.  They then boiled the eggs and they came out a reddish color it was so cool!!  I had a wonderful night and tomorrow is my first day in the school.  I am nervous and excited to see their schools here!

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